Higher Order Thinking Skills Encouraged in Key Stages 3 and 4

Science remains at the core of the national curriculum for the United Kingdom.  Although there may be differences in the structure of the education systems in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, there is a strong emphasis on studying science subjects and with the new curriculum due to roll out in England from next September, the focus is on learning how to work scientifically.

Dinosaurs, Fossils and Extinction

The dinosaur and fossil themed workshops conducted by Everything Dinosaur have always attempted to demonstrate the links between observation, investigation, experimentation and evaluation.  Staff are busy preparing new lesson plans, specifically aimed at students in Year 7 and upwards.

Dinosaur, Extinction and Evolution (Key Stages 3 and 4)

Looking at the evolution of H. sapiens with Key Stage 3.

Looking at the evolution of H. sapiens with Key Stage 3.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For Key Stage 3 for example, science teaching is now directed towards outcomes such as the encouragement of higher order thinking skills.  Students are encouraged to build on acquired knowledge learned in Key Stage 2 and to make connections between different areas of science.  At Everything Dinosaur, we use real aspects of palaeontology to explore key elements such as food chains, the interrelationships between living things, environmental change and extinction.

We aim to enthuse, motivate and engage, there are some fascinating and intriguing lesson plans and schemes of work coming together.

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