Pixar Delay the Release of a Dinosaur Movie

Pixar, the digital animation film company responsible for such global hits as “Finding Nemo” and the “Toy Story” movies, has put back their release of “The Good Dinosaur” until November 2015.  This animated film, telling the story of our planet if the dinosaurs has not become extinct was originally due for release in May of next year, but following the removal of the film’s director Bob Peterson, the premier has been rescheduled a further 18 months down the line from the original intended release date.  Bob Peterson has worked as a voice actor and storyboard editor on a number of Pixar productions.  He co-directed the acclaimed “Up” which was released by Pixar in 2009.  Sources at Pixar cite concerns over the creative development of the film as the reason for Mr Peterson’s departure.

Ed Catmull, the President of Pixar, which is owned by the Disney corporation, has stated that:

“Nobody ever remembers the fact that you slipped a film, but they will remember a bad film.  Our conclusion was that we were going to give the [dinosaur] film some more time.”

Intriguingly the new release date of Pixar’s dinosaur movie will follow just four months after the intended world premier of Jurassic Park IV (Jurassic World), which is scheduled for release in the early summer of 2015.  Following this dinosaur themed live action film may well help Pixar, the momentum from the first movie may well attract young dinosaur fans and their mums and dads into cinemas as “dino mania” as we at Everything Dinosaur call it continues towards Christmas 2015.

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