Everything Dinosaur Receives Its 1,000 Customer Comment/Review on Its Website

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Celebrating 1,000 Customer Comments and Reviews

Everything Dinosaur has had its 1,000th customer review/product feedback posted on the company’s website.  We want to say a big thank you to all our customers who have provided Everything Dinosaur with feedback in this way.

Celebrating 1,000 Customer Comments/Reviews On Line

1,000 customer comments on the web site.

1,000 customer comments on the web site.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

We are very proud of this achievement, we do read every feedback comment that we receive and this information along with other measurements of customer service such the large amount of repeat and regular custom we have helps us to keep working hard to find even more dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed products to put into our shop.  Product reviews get passed onto manufacturers and design teams, who are also grateful for such feedback.

Comments from Customers

To get a flavour of the feedback and comments we have received we chose six at random.

Number 16: From Rose, which refers to “Spino” our dinosaur dressing up hat and simply says: “Excellent service and good quality products, he was delighted with the dinosaur hat.”

Number 147:  Sent in by Ellen and commenting on the Cuddlekins Triceratops Soft Toy – “You are great.  Smiling faces all round, great products and great service.”

Number 492: Written by Mary and commenting on our Dinosaur School Kit – “Excellent service and delivery.”

Number 343: Posted up by Emma on the web page of  our Ultimate Dinosaur Sticker Book, the comment says: “Very friendly staff and helpful customer service.”

Number 842: Provided by Louise, and comments on our service as well as the Itsy Bitsy Soft Toy Triceratops: “Good, speedy service, good choice of gifts for dinosaur mad boys.”

Number 1,000: Put on our website by Tapejara no less and commenting on the Papo Pteranodon figure:

“5/5 – the colour scheme looks great, it seems distinctively inspired by the Jurassic Park /// (3) pteranodon, although I could be wrong.  The pose is most intricate, a fairly neutral pose, especially compared with other Papo figures, makes for great playability.  The crest and wings seem well proportioned, correct number of digits, etc.   I give it a five out of five, for visual effect, accuracy, and playability.”

Thank you from Everything Dinosaur

Once again, our thanks to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to put a review/comment on our website.

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