Real Adventure New Dinosaur Floor Puzzle Reviewed

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Colourful Dinosaur Themed Floor Puzzle gets Thumbs Up!

Just in to Everything Dinosaur – a brand new giant dinosaur floor puzzle.

Measuring an enormous 60 cm x 91 cm when complete, with 35 large robust 2″ x 3″ pieces, and its own carrying box with handle, this giant floor puzzle is designed for little hands, and a big floor space.

Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

The new dinosaur jigsaw from the Real Adventure Collection, depicts a bright and colourful prehistoric scene, and is complete with all our favourites.  A fearsome T. rex in the foreground is hungry and on the attack, a mother Triceratops is protecting her baby, the Ankylosaurus is wary, whilst a small theropod dinosaur (with feathers), hides and waits.  A titanosaur and its young seek protection from the predators in the water, whilst the Parasaurolophus stop by the water’s edge to take a drink.  With an exploding volcano in the back drop, and Pteranodon soaring above – this jigsaw really has them all.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle – Designed for Young Dinosaur Fans

Prehistoric scene as a dinosaur themed jigsaw.

Prehistoric scene as a dinosaur themed jigsaw.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Ideal for Children

This dinosaur floor puzzle has been specially designed so that little hands can grasp and put together the puzzle pieces.  Completing jigsaws is a great way to help young dinosaur fans develop observational skills, improve hand-eye co-ordination and assist them with their reasoning, all very helpful as mums, dads and other grown ups help to prepare them for their school days.

Suitable for ages 3+, this giant floor puzzle will aid motor skills, and many of our reviewers told us that once the puzzle was complete they got their budding young palaeontologists to count all the prehistoric animals in the scene, could they spot them all?  Look out for the sneaky, camouflaged pachycephalosaur.  In addition, many of the children were asked to name the prehistoric animals and to try to work out which ones were plant-eaters and which animals were the meat-eaters.

Putting together a puzzle such as this does lend itself to lots of other learning orientated extension activities – can your young dinosaur fan make up a story to explain what the picture shows?

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This new addition to Everything Dinosaur’s range of dinosaur themed jigsaws and puzzles gets a big thumbs up.