Picturing a Beautiful Dragonfly

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Trying to Photograph a Dragonfly – Respecting Pterosaurs

Occasionally, a dragonfly is seen around Everything Dinosaur’s office pond.  These aerial masters have been buzzing around ponds, lakes and rivers on planet Earth since the Carboniferous, it always makes our day when we get to see one.  Taking a photograph of the insect is more than a little tricky.  Dragonflies are highly manoeuvrable and extremely fast, however, when the creature settles sometimes a quick picture can be taken.


Taking a Photograph of a Dragonfly

Be quick, otherwise it will fly off.

Be quick, otherwise it will fly off.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

As we struggled to take its picture, we thought about the flight capabilities of pterosaurs.  These flying reptiles were once thought to be poor fliers, barely more than gliders.  However, scientists now think that many pterosaurs, such as members of the Rhamphorhynchidae and the Anurognathidae were very capable aerial predators.  Next time you see a dragonfly whizz by, consider this point, some pterosaurs were highly adept aerial predators which may have hunted and caught such insects on the wing.

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