Safari Ltd Release Further Details on their New Prehistoric Animal Releases for 2014

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New Addition to the Carnegie Collectibles Model Range, Ammonites and the Ascent of Man

Safari Ltd, those clever figure and model manufacturers have given Everything Dinosaur a peek around the curtain as it were and sent our team members details of the company’s new product releases for 2014.  Back in early September, Everything Dinosaur released details of some of the new additions to the Wild Safari Dinos and Prehistoric Life range of models and what exciting news it was, with the likes of a Suchomimus, a Pachyrhinosaurus and a Monolophosaurus being added to this not to scale range.

To read more about the new for 2014 Wild Safari Dinos model releases: New Prehistoric Animal Models from Safari Ltd.

Prehistoric Animal Releases

Now we can reveal details of further new prehistoric animal models being released next year and let’s start with a new addition to the Carnegie Scale Model Dinosaur Collectibles – Tyrannosaurus rex.

Carnegie Scale Model Collectible T. rex Model Available in 2014

New for 2014 a new model of the "Tyrant Lizard King"!

New for 2014 a new model of the “Tyrant Lizard King”!

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Tyrannosaurus rex Model

Measuring a fraction over nineteen centimetres long and with a head height of just below fourteen centimetres this new T. rex model is bound to get collectors and young dinosaur fans roaring with delight.  We have a red headed model Tyrannosaurus rex to look forward to.  The “red head” theory springs from the debate between two distinguished palaeontologists Bob Bakker who proposed that this dinosaur was an active predator and Jack Horner who proposed the theory that T. rex was an obligate scavenger.

Jack Horner postulated that fully grown, mature individuals probably did not need to do much hunting.  They could simple sniff out a recent kill made by another predator with T. rex’s tremendous sense of smell and then bully the other unfortunate carnivores into surrendering their dinner.  The bright red colouration on the head, would have emphasised the ferocity of a T. rex to other dinosaurs (Dinosauria probably had excellent colour vision), so T. rex could have gained an easy meal without having to hunt for itself.

A Close up of that Ferocious Red Head

Exciting News for 2014.

Exciting News for 2014.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

A New Ammonite Model

With the retirement of the Museum Line ammonite model, fans of prehistoric cephalopods may have been worried about how they were going to show what these extinct marine creatures actually looked like.  Safari Ltd have stepped in to plug the gap and will be releasing an ammonite model as part of their Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life replica series.  The ammonite model measures over thirteen centimetres in length and the deeply ribbed shell has an impressive diameter of six and a half centimetres.

New  Ammonite Model for 2014

Large eyes, deeply ribbed shell perhaps a model of a Pavlovia spp?

Large eyes, deeply ribbed shell perhaps a model of a Pavlovia spp?

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

The Safari Ltd ammonite model is definitely a predator, with its large eyes and with its two longest tentacles striking out to grab prey.  The replica is posed in the typical attack pose of a cephalopod, the same pose is seen in octopi, squid and cuttlefish today as they strike out at prey.

Another exciting development is the introduction of a set of five models that show part of the story of our own evolution (hominin evolution).  Safari Ltd have created five early human figures ranging from an Australopithecine (A. afarensis), to our species H. sapiens via H. habilis (handy man), H. erectus (upright man), to a Neanderthal and then to us.

The Evolution of Man (and Woman)

Tracing our evolution.

Tracing our evolution.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Evolution of Mankind Model Set

These models are going to prove “handy” no pun intended H. habilis, what with the theory of evolution forming part of the teaching curriculum in the United Kingdom.  Bullyland of Germany used to have a set showing the “Ascent of Man”, but this six model series was officially retired a long time ago.  The hominin figures range in size from 6.75 cm in height to 7.25 cm and they are intended to be sold as a blister pack (a set of models).

These are exciting times for Safari Ltd and Everything Dinosaur we look forward to hearing more about these new figures.

In the meantime, to view the range of Safari Ltd models stocked by Everything Dinosaur: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Figures.