Everything Dinosaur Interviewed about Dinosaurs

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Leading Toy Magazine Interviews Everything Dinosaur about the Dinosaur Toy Market

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been brushing up their dinosaur knowledge in readiness for an interview with a journalist who writes for one of the leading toy industry magazines.  With so much media interest in all things dinosaur at the moment, the magazine is producing an article about dinosaur and prehistoric animal toys, so naturally Everything Dinosaur was contacted and asked to participate.  Fortunately for us, these were telephone interviews so no make-up required.

Everything Dinosaur Interviewed

The interviewer wanted to know which dinosaurs were popular at the moment, we were able to draw on figures compiled as a result of our annual prehistoric animal survey which provides a top ten of children’s favourite prehistoric monsters.  In addition, we were able to point out some trends in sales and touch upon our role in schools conducting dinosaur themed workshops with school children as part of our commitment to teaching science in schools.

Why are Dinosaurs So Popular?

One of the questions asked was – “Why are dinosaurs so popular?”  That’s quite a tough question to answer, especially when you consider that we have customers from three years to eighty-three years of age and we get letters, emails, drawings and such like sent into us from all over the world.  However, we gave it a try and came up with the following response:

Like many things, when it actually comes to studying dinosaurs the simple answer is no one really knows.  Most people young and old are fascinated with monsters imagined or otherwise.  Psychologists when asked, often refer to the fact that  many dinosaurs were large and very frightening but since children very quickly learn that most of the Dinosauria are extinct and they can’t harm them, dinosaurs are sort of safe monsters.

The spokesperson went onto add:

Our  view at Everything Dinosaur is as follows, some dinosaurs were spectacular and amazing, we show children in schools some of the fossils that we have and we get the wide-eyes and jaw-dropping look.  Some of the carnivorous dinosaurs  like T. rex were so big that they could swallow you whole, a child could sit inside the stomach of a Triceratops stretch out their arms as wide as they can and the could not touch its ribs on either side.  We just think dinosaurs are amazing and lots of other people do too.”

Everything Dinosaur

We are not sure when the feature will be published, but we are looking forward to seeing our contribution.

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