New Models from Safari Ltd for 2014

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Three New Dinosaurs for the Wild Safari Dinos Model Range

Everything Dinosaur team members can reveal that following a meeting with staff from Safari Ltd we can talk about some of the new model releases for 2014.  Safari Ltd are going to be adding around seventy or so new lines to their model range next year, not all of them dinosaurs or prehistoric animals of course but there are certainly going to be some excellent new additions to the company’s highly regarded prehistoric animal replicas portfolio.

Wild Safari Dinos

Let’s focus on the not to scale Wild Safari Dinos model series for the time being.  First up there is a very detailed Pachyrhinosaurus model being added to this range.  In 2012, Safari Ltd added the horned dinosaur Vagaceratops, this year we have the much admired Diabloceratops and in 2014 Safari Ltd want to keep up the trend of adding a ceratopsian by launching a model of “Thick Nosed Lizard”.

A Monolophosaurus Dinosaur Model

Next comes the Wild Safari Dinos Monolophosaurus, and it is a lovely interpretation of this Chinese theropod.  The single crest on the snout is painted a muted red colour and there is lots of detail to admire in this replica.

Wild Safari Dinos Monolophosaurus

Wild Safari Dinos Monolophosaurus model.

Middle Jurassic theropod dinosaur.  The new for 2014 Wild Safari Dinos Monolophosaurus model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Spinosaurid Suchomimus

A new version of the spinosaurid Suchomimus completes the first of the new prehistoric animal models that Everything Dinosaur team members have been privy to.  The Suchomimus is depicted in a typical “dinosaur fishing pose” and the models we saw were painted a lovely, deep blue colour.

We will post up pictures and more details when we have permission to do so, but from what we have seen Safari Ltd are going to have some super new additions to their dinosaur models in 2014.  Everything Dinosaur has already committed to stocks and we are optimistic that these items will be on line in our web store in the spring.

To view the range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Prehistoric World Models and Figures.