Squiggle Dinosaurs (New Dinosaur Drawing Game) Reviewed

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A Review of Squiggle Dinosaurs

Squiggle dinosaurs is a dinosaur drawing game aimed at young dinosaur fans.  This drawing game has been specially devised to help young children develop their imagination and creativity.  Spin the spinner and select one of twelve dinosaurs listed on the spinning device, then using the squiggle pad with its wavy squiggle, the illustrator has to create a sketch of the named dinosaur.  Lots of favourite dinosaurs to draw such as Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex.

 Squiggle Dinosaurs (Dinosaur Drawing Game)

Doodle a dinosaur.

Doodle a dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Drawing Game

Squiggle dinosaurs is a dinosaur game aimed at inspiring your child’s creativity.  It has proved popular with our review team.  Can you draw an awesome Allosaurus from a squiggle?  How about a vicious Velociraptor?  Give it a try, simply spin the wheel and change the squiggle into the dinosaur that you land on.

There are one hundred unique squiggles and the pack is even supplied with a special doodling pencil.  On the back of the game there is a handy pronunciation guide to help grown ups and little ones remember and pronounce the name of the prehistoric animal selected.

Squiggle dinosaurs is recommended for children aged four years and upwards, and it was awarded the Preferred Choice Award (Creative Toy Awards) by Creative Child Magazine.

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