Four New Additions to the Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life Range for 2014

The first images of the four new models to be included in the Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life Range (Safari Ltd) have been received by Everything Dinosaur and our team members are very excited about these new additions.  Three of the 2014 releases are dinosaurs Suchomimus, Monolophosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus respectively.  The fourth model will get fans of the Elasmobranchii twitching their forked tails in anticipation as it is a replica of a Carcharodon megalodon, a giant, predatory shark that probably fed on whales.

Prehistoric Animal Models

New for 2014 – Pachyrhinosaurus

Horned dinosaur from Safari Ltd new for 2014.

Horned dinosaur from Safari Ltd new for 2014.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life Range

Safari Ltd have added a new ceratopsian model to their Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life range each year for the last few  years.  Vagaceratops was added in 2012, this year we had the excellent Diabloceratops replica and in 2014 a Pachyrhinosaurus is being added to this model series.  Having seen the model, we at Everything Dinosaur think that his is a replica of Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis.

This model is bound to prove popular as a pachyrhinosaur (P. canadensis) is the star of the forthcoming “Walking with Dinosaurs in 3-D” movie, due for release in December.  The Pachyrhinosaurus model measures just over 17 centimetres in length.

Theropod Models

The other two new dinosaurs are both theropods, but from very different parts of the Theropoda family tree.  Firstly, there is Monolophosaurus, a five-metre-long carnivorous dinosaur named and described just twenty years ago.  This dinosaur dates from the Middle Jurassic of China (north-western China).  The name means “single crested lizard” and the picture of the model below shows why.

Wild Safari Dinos Monolophosaurus Model New for 2014

Middle Jurassic Theropod Dinosaur

Middle Jurassic theropod dinosaur.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Monolophosaurus Model

Monolophosaurus sported a strange crest that ran from just above its eye socket down to the tip of its nose.   A lot of palaeontologists have speculated what this crest might have been used for.  It could have had a role in visual communication, this perhaps explains why the model’s crest has been painted a vivid red colour.  Monolophosaurus is regarded as a basal member of the Tetanuran clade of theropods (stiff tails), however, it remains uncertain as to where this dinosaur actually fits in terms of taxonomy.

However, Monolophosaurus should feel right at home in the Wild Safari Dinos range as it already includes another meat-eating dinosaur whose fossils have been found in in the same part of China – Guanlong.  In fact it has been speculated that the tyrannosaurid known as Guanlong (G. wucaii), is actually a juvenile Monolophosaurus.

The Monolophosaurus model measures just over 19 centimetres in length.

In contrast, the taxonomy of the third dinosaur model to be introduced next year by Safari Ltd into this range is much better understood.  This is Suchomimus (S. tenerensis), a spinosaur and a big one too, measuring nearly ten metres in length.  This predatory dinosaur lived at least fifty million years after Monolophosaurus.

New Spinosaurid on the Block – Suchomimus

Updating an earlier model.

Updating an earlier model.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

Suchomimus Replica

Known from a partial skull and several other fossils representing post cranial material, this dinosaur lived during the Cretaceous and it is known from the Upper Elrhaz Formation of Niger (Africa).  The replica measures just under 20 centimetres in length and its tail tip is about 10 centimetres off the ground.  This model updates an earlier interpretation of Suchomimus, the very crocodile-like replica of “crocodile mimic” that was introduced into the Wild Safari Dinos range a few years ago.

Megalodon Figure

The fourth model to be added to the Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Life range is a replica of Carcharodon megalodon, more commonly (although technically incorrectly), referred to as Megalodon.  Measuring perhaps as much as sixteen metres in length, this member of the shark family was a formidable hunter, the largest shark apex predator known to science.  Although the model itself measures a more modest 18 centimetres in length.

New for 2014 – A Megalodon Model

C. megalodon replica available in 2014.

C. megalodon replica available in 2014.

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“These hand-painted models represent exciting additions to this particular model range and Everything Dinosaur has already verbally committed to stocking these models in 2014”.


Following a taxonomic revision the shark referred to as Megalodon has been given the scientific name Otodus megalodon.

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