Our thanks to model collector and dinosaur fan Carl who sent into Everything Dinosaur some photographs of his Haolonggood Alamosaurus dinosaur model on display.  The Haolonggood Alamosaurus is a recently introduced sauropod replica.  It is extremely large with a purported scale of 1:35. The figure measures over fifty-four centimetres in length.  In addition, it stands over thirty-six centimetres tall.  It makes a spectacular addition to a dinosaur model collection.

Haolonggood dinosaur models - the Haolonggood Alamosaurus model.

Haolonggood Alamosaurus dinosaur model on display next to the 30 cm tall CollectA cycad replica. Picture credit: Carl.

Picture credit: Carl

The Haolonggood Dinosaur Model (Type A)

The photograph shows the Haolonggood Alamosaurus model (type A).  It is one of three colour versions of this enormous dinosaur figure that have been introduced.  For a limited period, this model is supplied with a display base and accessories.  The cycad tree model adjacent to the Alamosaurus model provides an idea of the figure’s size.  The CollectA cycad tree stands approximately thirty centimetres tall.  However, it is dwarfed by the huge sauropod.

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Sauropod dinosaur models on display.

A selection of sauropod dinosaur models on display. The limited-edition Haolonggood Alamosaurus type C (plain) is on the far left. The Papo Brachiosaurus (right) is partly obscured by the CollectA cycad tree model. Picture credit: Carl.

Picture credit: Carl

Sauropod Dinosaurs on Display

Carl also sent into Everything Dinosaur a photograph showing several sauropod figures on display.  The Papo Brachiosaurus (far right) is one of Papo’s largest figures. However, it looks quite small compared to the sauropod figures to its left.  The limited-edition Haolonggood Alamosaurus model is seen far left.  As before, the thirty-centimetre tall CollectA cycad tree helps to provide scale.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur thanked Carl for sending in the photographs.  He added that it was great to see the Haolonggood models on display and praised the collector for carefully considering which prehistoric plants to place next to the dinosaur models.

The spokesperson explained:

“We always enjoy receiving photographs of model collections.  Our customers find lots of innovative ways to display their prehistoric animal figures.  The sauropods from Haolonggood are particularly challenging as they are huge!”

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