Providing Helpful Information About European Parcel Deliveries

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Everything Dinosaur has been notified about possible delays concerning European parcel deliveries.  A system error has been identified in the software that manages the European customs network. This is causing some disruption to parcel delivery services on the continent and elsewhere within the European Union.  Team members routinely monitor parcel movements to Europe.  It is part of our customer service promise to our customers.  We like to make sure that parcels are delivered promptly.  However, we noted that updates to tracking information was being delayed and this led to enquiries with the courier network. Everything Dinosaur was then informed that a problem with the software had been identified.

European parcel deliveries an update from Everything Dinosaur.

A software problem in the European customs network may cause some parcels heading to customers in Europe to be delayed. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

European Parcel Deliveries – An Update

Although the problem was not caused by Everything Dinosaur, the issue has nothing to do with us, we did request a release from the European customs authorities so that we could share this information with our customer base.  In addition, a statement was prepared so that this could be posted up on social media and also sent out in response to enquiries from concerned customers.

Some Everything Dinosaur European customers may experience a delay in their parcel delivery. This is due to a software problem within the European customs network which is causing delays for international parcels clearing customs. Team members at Everything Dinosaur were made aware of this problem earlier this week and have requested that they be kept informed.

If you have any questions about European parcel deliveries, please contact Everything Dinosaur: Email Everything Dinosaur.

Everything Dinosaur has been assured that technicians are currently working to resolve this issue and normal service should be resumed shortly.

Everything Dinosaur sincerely apologises to customers who have been affected by this disruption. Whilst we are not able to solve this problem ourselves, we continue to work on behalf of our customers to ensure a swift resolution.

In addition, we have ensured that all queries from our customers have been handled promptly and we continue to do all we can to keep customers informed.

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