How to Find a Lost Dinosaur Soft Toy

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At Everything Dinosaur, we try and help people.  We have been contacted in the past by parents, guardians and grandparents trying to trace lost dinosaur toys.  Over the weekend we were contacted via our Facebook page and asked for assistance in trying to find a lost dinosaur soft toy.  We appreciate how traumatic this can be for a child, to lose their favourite dinosaur teddy.  Whilst we ourselves may not be able to identify this particular piece of dinosaur plush, sometimes our many followers on social media can help out.

A Lost Dinosaur Soft Toy

We received the following Facebook message:

“Hi, please can you help? I’m trying to assist a lady who is desperately trying to find her daughter’s lost dinosaur soft toy.  He was lost a couple of months ago (in Kent UK).  He had been bought at a car boot fair and had no tags or labels so it has made our search hard as we have no background information to go on.  We have searched the local area where he was lost, posted on local, national and international Facebook groups, trawled through thousands of dinosaurs on-line in the hope of finding an exact replacement.”


A lost dinosaur soft toy.

Can you help to find this lost dinosaur soft toy? Picture credit: M. Martin.

The hand in the photograph helps to provide a scale.  This item of dinosaur plush would measure around thirty centimetres in length (twelve inches).  Examining the bead for an eye suggests that this is a manufactured item and not something created as a craft kit.  The seams indicate that this dinosaur soft toy has been machine stitched.

The Facebook message went onto state:

“The closest we’ve found is the “wild planet all about nature Velociraptor” which is out of stock everywhere and no luck on Ebay or Vinted etc.  I’ve only discovered tonight that your group exists but what better place to ask than a group of dinosaur experts and enthusiasts.  I don’t seem to be able to attach a photo in this message, but this poor little girl is still so sad and missing her lost friend so any help you could give us would be so gratefully appreciated. Thank you.”

A lost dinosaur soft toy.

A prized piece of prehistoric plush has been lost. Can you help identify this lost dinosaur soft toy. Picture credit: M. Martin.

Everything Dinosaur Team Members Try to Help

We have gone through our image database, but we could not identify the soft toy.  In addition, we have searched through all our catalogues and brochures that we have picked up at trade fairs.  However, we have not been able to identify this soft toy dinosaur.  It has no trademark or any other label.  Unfortunately, it resembles a generic theropod dinosaur so we can’t really define a species.  Furthermore, we have no idea of the age of this lost dinosaur soft toy.  Soft toy dinosaur ranges do change every few years.  Most ranges are replaced between three to five years.  However, some popular ranges can persist for longer.

Team members have helped reunite children with their lost dinosaur toys.  For instance, a few years ago we helped a little boy to find a red Spinosaurus soft toy that had been lost.

Large Spinosaurus Soft Toy

Large dinosaur soft toy, now retired but wanted by a little boy for Christmas.  Team members were able to assist with this problem.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We do appreciate the stress that a lost dinosaur soft toy can cause.  We have posted up an appeal on Facebook and we will utilise our other social media platforms.  Whilst the dinosaur looks quite generic, perhaps one of our customers will know it.”

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