Fifteen New Dinosaur Models Announced by Haolonggood

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Haolonggood have given Everything Dinosaur permission to publish details about new prehistoric animal model introductions.  We can reveal details of the next fifteen new dinosaur models to be made.  All of these dinosaurs are herbivores.  There are no theropods.  There are no carnivorous dinosaurs planned, at least for the next few months.

Haolonggood new dinosaur models for 2024.

New Haolonggood dinosaur models for 2024. Fifteen new dinosaur models have been announced. Annotation by Everything Dinosaur.

Fifteen New Dinosaur Models

The fifteen new dinosaur models from Haolonggood represent three sauropods and five horned dinosaurs.  In addition, there are five members of the Thyreophora (armoured dinosaurs).  The other two dinosaurs are members of the Saurolophinae subfamily of hadrosaurs (Maiasaura and Edmontosaurus).  The majority of the models represent dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous and roamed North America.

The full list:

  • Mamenchisaurus – known from the Late Jurassic of Asia (China).
  • Amargasaurus – a South American member of the Dicraeosauridae from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina.
  • Camarasaurus – associated with the famous Morrison Formation of the western United States.
  • Huayangosaurus – a primitive stegosaur from the Middle Jurassic of southwestern China.
  • Saichania – named after the “Saichan-tue” mountains of the Gobi Desert. Fossils of Saichania come from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia.
  • Gastonia – from the Yellow Cat Member of the Lower Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah (Early Cretaceous).
  • Euoplocephalus – named in 1910 (Lambe) and known from Montana and Alberta (Late Cretaceous).
  • Maiasaura – “Good Mother Lizard” from the Late Cretaceous of western Canada and the USA.
  • Edmontosaurus – a large genus of hadrosaur from North America (Late Cretaceous).
  • Diabloceratops – known from Utah, Diabloceratops was the first centrosaurine dinosaur to be described from fossils found south of Montana.
  • Utahceratops – from the Late Cretaceous of Utah with the trivial name honouring palaeontologist Mike Getty.
  • Styracosaurus – known from the USA and Alberta Canada, the famous centrosaurine called “Spiked Lizard”.
  • Einiosaurus – from the Two Medicine Formation of Montana (USA) another Late Cretaceous North American ceratopsid.
  • Xenoceratops – “Alien Horned Face” from the Upper Cretaceous beds of the Foremost Formation in Alberta (Canada).

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Everything Dinosaur Comments

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised Haolonggood for focusing on the production of herbivorous dinosaur models.

The spokesperson added:

“These are fifteen splendid dinosaur models.  They should all be in stock by the end of this year.  We look forward to further dinosaur model announcements from Haolonggood.”

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