Dinosaur Books from Childhood Bring Back Happy Memories

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Sorting out cupboards can be tiresome.  However, sometimes exciting discoveries can be made.  In a large box on one of the shelves some books and dinosaur models were discovered.  Examining the models and the dinosaur books from childhood brought back lots of happy memories.  One of the books found was the Ladybird book of dinosaurs.  It must have been published more than forty-five years ago.

The ladybird book of dinosaurs inspiring a fascination for dinosaur models.

The Ladybird book of dinosaurs. One of the first dinosaur books owned by a team member. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Books from Childhood

The front cover of the Ladybird book of dinosaurs is pictured above.  The cover is somewhat worse for wear.  However, inside the colour illustrations of prehistoric animals are surprisingly well-preserved.  The dinosaur depicted on the front cover is some form of theropod.  The posture of the dinosaur is very outdated.  For example, we now know that these dinosaurs held their tails off the ground.  There are four large digits associated with the hand.  This too, is not a scientifically accurate depiction.  Such inaccuracies can be expected when examining dinosaur books from childhood.

The dinosaur might represent a taxon known as Antrodemus (A. valens).  It is a dubious theropod genus from the Morrison Formation of Colorado. Antrodemus valens was described in 1870 (Joseph Leidy).  Described from fragmentary caudal vertebrae, this genus is regarded today as nomen dubium.  The validity of this genus is now doubted by most palaeontologists.  The holotype material is regarded as undiagnostic and lacks unique traits and characteristics that could lead to the designation of a new genus.  The caudal bones could represent an Allosaurus.

Finding an Iguanodon Dinosaur Model

In addition, an Iguanodon dinosaur model was discovered.  This was a figure from the Natural History Museum series.  The Iguanodon figure has been retired and out of production for many years.  It was unboxed but it probably came from the same batch as the infamous Iguanodon figures that were supplied with a spelling error on the packaging.

Iguanodon dinosaur model.

A spelling error on the box!  The Natural History Museum Iguanodon dinosaur model with a spelling mistake on the packaging.  The “Iguanadon” is incorrect.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture (above) shows a Natural History Museum Iguanodon model.  There is a spelling mistake on the packaging.  The Iguanodon dinosaur model that was found probably came from this inaccurate production run.

To read an earlier article about the mistake on the product packaging: Spot the Mistake on the Product Packaging.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that they enjoyed reminiscing and that they were delighted to have found the dinosaur book and the dinosaur model.  Both items will be safely stored in the company’s offices.

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