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Team members at Everything Dinosaur are aware of delays in the European parcel network. A system error has led to some parcels being prevented from passing customs. This is due to a software error. We routinely monitor parcel movements for our customers. Delays in the European network were first observed on the 9th of April. Everything Dinosaur can assure customers that this problem has not been caused by us. The difficulties are associated with SimplyVAT and Irish Tax and Customs.

We are committed to keeping our customers informed.  A press release was issued on the 13th of April.  An update was sent out on the 18th of April.  In addition, we have continued to lobby both SimplyVAT and the Irish Tax and Customs authority for progress reports.

To read our press release from the 13th of April: Update on European Parcels.

The update published on the 18th of April: Further Information About European Parcel Deliveries.

As a result, we have received an update from SimplyVAT.

“The Tax office have reached out with further positive indicators that the fix they have been testing is realigning their system with the EU Customs portal. We are very hopeful that a resolution is forthcoming as we are now just waiting for data from some custom declarations as the final confirmation.  In the interim, in order to get your goods to your customers, please speak to your forwarder to ask them on your best options.  We are putting all our resources into finding a resolution with the Irish tax authority and supporting our clients through this stressful time.”

Everything Dinosaur Being Proactive

Whilst we acknowledge the work being done to resolve this issue, team members have already set up a work around for parcel deliveries to customers in France and Ireland.  Furthermore, a new route for parcels for customers in other European countries has been established.

Customers continue to be supported.  A parcel monitoring service has been employed and those customers directly affected have been offered further support.

A media release has been issued explaining the current situation and the steps the company has taken.

An Everything Dinosaur media release explaining the measures employed to help customers with parcel delays.

An Everything Dinosaur media release explaining the measures employed to help customers with parcel delays. Source: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For further information: Email Everything Dinosaur for More Information.