New Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus Dinosaur Models Coming into Stock

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The new for 2024 Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus model will be available from Everything Dinosaur.  All three versions should be coming into stock.  Collectors can choose from the green, brown or the limited-edition blue heterochromatic version.  Each figure measures 66 cm long and stands 28 cm tall.  They have been beautifully painted.  Haolonggood has declared a scale of 1:35 for their Mamenchisaurus figures.  At this scale, these dinosaur models represent a sauropod more than twenty-three metres in length.

Although no species has been stated, these figures could represent larger taxa known in this genus. The Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus models could perhaps represent Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum or Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis.

Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus model (brown).

The new for 2024 Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus dinosaur model (Zhu Wu) in the brown colour scheme. It is coming into stock at Everything Dinosaur shortly.

The image (above) shows the Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus model (Zhu Wu).  This figure has a predominantly brown colour scheme.

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The Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus Model

The Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus dinosaur model follows the highly successful introduction of the limited-edition Haolonggood Alamosaurus figures.  The Chinese manufacturer also intends to introduce two further sauropods this year, an Amargasaurus and a replica of Camarasaurus.

Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus model (green).

The green coloured version of the new for 2024 Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus dinosaur model. This is Chai Jin. The model stands 28 cm tall and measures 66 cm long. It has a declared scale of 1:35.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur welcomed the addition of these three, new sauropod figures to the ever-growing Haolonggood model range and exclaimed:

“We are looking forward to stocking all three Mamenchisaurus figures.  We intend to stock the limited-edition figure too.  It may be a while before we can legally ship them into the UK and Europe, we want to add other new figures from Haolonggood to our shipping documentation. Naturally, we will keep our customers informed about our progress.”

A Limited-edition Mamenchisaurus Model

As with previous releases, there is a limited-edition Mamenchisaurus figure.  The blue version (heterochromatic model) will be a limited-edition figure.   Whilst mainly blue-coloured the paint scheme for this dinosaur model will feature other colours (heterochromatic means having a variety of colours).  Collectors will have for a limited period of time, three Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus figures to choose from.

Which one is your favourite?

Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus model (blue).

The new for 2024 limited-edition Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus in the blue heterochromatic colour scheme.

The image (above) shows the limited-edition Haolonggood Mamenchisaurus in the blue colour scheme.

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