The Beautiful PNSO Dunkleosteus Model Reviewed

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Our thanks to collector and prehistoric animal fan William who sent in a review of the PNSO Dunkleosteus model. The PNSO placoderm replica was introduced into the mid-size model range in late 2021. This model of a prehistoric fish has proved to be popular with collectors.

Zaha the Dunkleosteus (PNSO)
A stunning model of a placoderm – the PNSO Dunkleosteus model.

Collector Comments on the PNSO Dunkleosteus Model

William emailed Everything Dinosaur praising this prehistoric animal model.

He stated:

“Zaha is my first ancient marine predator. I decided to dip my toe into the prehistoric past “Zaha” sports the new updated shark like body with a beautiful rainbow trout colour. But what sold me on this beautiful model is the truly accurate articulated jaw.”

Terror of the Devonian

William explained that when viewed with the mouth closed, the armoured skull looks fantastic.

He added:

“If you carefully pinch the lower jaw the real magic happens. Once you draw it downwards to open this engages the jaw’s opening mechanism as in the real-life ancient apex predator.”

This fish was a terror of the Devonian. The jaw action of “Zaha” is described as “smooth” and the jaw when opened displays lots of detail. The reviewer comments that there might be several Dunkleosteus figures on the market, but the PNSO figure is the only one you need to add to your collection.

PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus has an articulated jaw
The PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus has an articulated jaw and armoured plates.

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Praise for Everything Dinosaur

William concluded his review of the PNSO Dunkleosteus model by praising Everything Dinosaur.

He thanked Everything Dinosaur on behalf of the legion of palaeo-figure collectors who valued what the UK-based company does. He commented that the extensive range of figures covered a wide price range. Price points for children as well as adult prehistoric animal model collectors.

Our thanks to William for his Dunkleosteus review and for his kind comments.

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