Exclusive News of Safari Ltd Model Retirements (2023)

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Everything Dinosaur has provided details of the Safari Ltd model retirements for 2023. The list includes dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. Ten prehistoric animal figures that Everything Dinosaur stocks are being withdrawn. Items previously retired such as the Wild Safari Edmontosaurus and the Vagaceratops are now running low, as inventory in the distribution chain is used up.

Safari Ltd model retirements.
Confirmation of Safari Ltd model retirements for 2023. The year when the figure was introduced is also recorded. Several figures that were introduced in 2020 are being withdrawn and they are now out of production.

The image (above) shows the models that are being retired. The Vagaceratops and the Wild Safari Edmontosaurus are also officially withdrawn, Everything Dinosaur still has these models available. However, we will not be able to replenish stock. Once current stock has sold out, that will be that.

The baby Pteranodon figure (S301329) and the tube of baby dinosaur models (S90075) are also being retired by Safari Ltd.

To view the range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Safari Ltd Prehistoric Animal Models.

Safari Ltd Model Retirements

The list of retired figures and when the model was first introduced is provided below:

Uintatherium (introduced in 2018).
Qianzhousaurus (introduced in 2020).
Concavenator (introduced in 2020).
Shringasaurus (introduced in 2020).
Edmontosaurus (introduced in 2020).
Diabloceratops (introduced in 2013.
Deinocheirus (introduced in 2017).
Psittacosaurus (introduced in 2017).
Shunosaurus (introduced in 2016).
Citipati (introduced in 2019).
Vagaceratops (previously retired)
Edmontosaurus (previously retired).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed, that at present there were no plans for Safari Ltd to retire any other prehistoric animal figures for 2023/4.

The spokesperson added:

“We are sorry to see these models being withdrawn. However, we will retain our current pricing policy and not seek to exploit commercially any model becoming rarer. We do like to alert collectors to model retirements, by doing this, collectors have a chance to acquire the model without having to pay excessive prices.”

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