Papo Kronosaurus Video

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Everything Dinosaur has produced a short YouTube video review of the recently introduced Papo Kronosaurus marine reptile figure. In this brief video, team members take a detailed look at the Papo Kronosaurus and explain why this figure has a tail fin.

The Everything Dinosaur review of the recently introduced Papo Kronosaurus model. Video credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Reviewing the Papo Kronosaurus

Our YouTube video lasts a little over three minutes. We wanted to give model collectors the opportunity to take a closer look at the Papo Kronosaurus replica. The official image released by Papo does not highlight the excellent quality of this model. Everything Dinosaur wanted to create a video and publish photographs to assist collectors with purchase decisions.

Papo Kronosaurus marine reptile model.
The Papo Kronosaurus marine reptile photographed in lateral view. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Kronosaurus Markings and the Tail Fin

The video begins with the Kronosaurus model being introduced. Comments are made about the figure having a typical Papo appearance. The head and the teeth are examined in detail. The narrator moves on to discuss the flippers and the presence of skin parasites, probably barnacles on the marine reptile figure. This Kronosaurus model has a cloaca.

The video format (chapters):

00:00 – Papo Kronosaurus!
00:48 – Typically Papo!
01:00 – Head and Teeth.
01:22 – Kronosaurus Flippers.
01:51 – Cloaca Watch!
02:08 – Tail Fin Shape!
02:52 – Congratulations Papo.

A section of the Everything Dinosaur video is dedicated to explaining why the figure has been given a tail fin. Tail fins/flukes in the Plesiosauria remains a controversial area. There is some evidence within the fossil record. However, the Plesiosauria is such a diverse clade that there may have been many different shapes and sizes of tail appendage. Most palaeontologists agree, that if a tail fin or fluke was present on Kronosaurus, it probably did not play a huge role in locomotion. The tail fin or fluke would have probably helped to stabilise the predator as it manoeuvred.

Take a look at the YouTube channel of Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

Congratulating Papo

The video concluded with the narrator praising the Papo prehistoric animal model range and congratulating the company for producing an excellent Kronosaurus.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.