Colourful and Charming Dinosaur Eggs

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur spotted some colourful dinosaur eggs in a carefully constructed nest on a visit to a Cheshire primary school. Whilst reviewing some teaching work from early 2018, we found a picture of the beautiful dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur eggs in a dinosaur nest.
Some beautiful and very colour dinosaur eggs spotted at Little Leigh primary school (Cheshire). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Eggs

The photograph of the dinosaur nest was taken on a visit to Little Leigh primary in Cheshire. Everything Dinosaur had been invited into the school to deliver a workshop to Year 1 children who were learning about dinosaurs. The dedicated teaching team created the eggs, and the children were asked about what materials could go into the nest to keep the eggs safe. This exercise was a great way for the pupils to explore the properties of materials. In addition, to learning about dinosaur eggs, the pupils had the opportunity to examine different nesting materials.

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A Dinosaur Workshop

A spokesperson from the UK-based mail order company commented that they remembered the school visit. The spacious Year 1 classrooms were filled with lots of examples of the children’s work. One of the teachers had constructed a small dinosaur museum in a corner of the room.

A dinosaur museum at a primary school (Little Leigh, Cheshire).
A dinosaur museum spotted at a school. Picture credit: Little Leigh Primary/Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Little Leigh Primary/Everything Dinosaur

The spokesperson added:

“The children were very enthusiastic, and they wanted to give us a tour of their classroom. We enjoyed visiting the dinosaur museum. However, we had to cut our visit short, we had a dinosaur and fossil workshop to deliver.”

Afterwards we chatted to the teaching team. They thanked us for the visit, and we congratulated them on their excellent scheme of work.

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