New Haolonggood Dinosaur Models Set to Arrive

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The first shipment of Haolonggood dinosaur models is due to arrive at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse on Wednesday, 20th September (2023). A spokesperson from the UK-based mail order company explained that the shipment had cleared customs. Transport had been arranged to deliver the Haolonggood dinosaur models to Everything Dinosaur. The models should be on-line and available for sale, either late on the 20th or by early Thursday morning (21st).

Haolonggood dinosaur models due into stock.
The shipment of Haolonggood models has cleared UK customs and is scheduled to arrive at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse on Wednesday, September 20th (2023). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For information about Haolonggood dinosaur models and other prehistoric animal figures stocked by Everything Dinosaur: Email Everything Dinosaur.

Haolonggood Dinosaur Models

In total, there will be nineteen different Haolonggood dinosaur models delivered.

Here is the full list:

  • Dicraeosaurus (Yunmi).
  • Nasutoceratops (Huarong) and Nasutoceratops (Yanqing).
  • Ouranosaurus (Wuwei) and Ouranosaurus (Wuju).
  • Tianzhenosaurus (Shixiou) and Tianzhenosaurus (Yangxiong).
  • Pentaceratops (Lioutang) and Pentaceratops (Likui).
  • Apatosaurus (Shijing) and Apatosaurus (Huangxin).
  • Wuerhosaurus (Shiyong) and Wuerhosaurus (Jiaoting).
  • Pachyrhinosaurus (Ivfang) and Pachyrhinosaurus (Guosheng).
  • Edmontonia (Jiezhen) and Edmontonia (Jiebao).
  • Allosaurus (Yangzhi) and Allosaurus (Suochao).
Haolonggood dinosaur models (Allosaurus figures).
The Haolonggood Allosaurus dinosaur models (Allosaurus Yangzhi and Suochao).

Haolonggood Allosaurus Figures

Haolonggood tend to create two colour variants of each prehistoric animal model that they manufacture. The picture (above) shows the new Haolonggood Allosaurus figures. The model on the left is Suochao, whilst the blue Allosaurus on the right of the image is Yangzhi. Both these Allosaurus models will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

The spokesperson commented that this was a substantial shipment and team members would do all they could to ensure the figures were available for sale on the company’s website as quickly as possible.

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