Our thanks to young dinosaur fan Esmee who sent into Everything Dinosaur a drawing which featured a trio of colourful sauropods. Team members at Everything Dinosaur get sent lots of drawings of prehistoric animals and we enjoy looking at them and some even get posted up onto our warehouse notice boards.

A trio of colourful sauropods.
A trio of very colourful sauropod dinosaurs drawn by young dinosaur fan Esmee. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Esmee/Everything Dinosaur

Colourful Sauropods

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur thanked Esmee for sending in her drawing and added:

“Whilst we can’t be certain what colour sauropod dinosaurs were, it is thought they had colour vision. So, why not be brightly coloured with oranges, reds and blues. After all, if you are going to be longer than a bus you might as well stand out in terms of your colouration too. Our thanks to Esmee for creating such colourful dinosaurs.”

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