Achillobator Flock by Zhao Chuang

The talented palaeoartist Zhao Chuang might be renowned for his stunning colour landscapes depicting various prehistoric animals but the Chinese-based artist has also produced a number of line drawings too.  Today, we showcase one of his lesser known illustrations, a black and white study of the large, Mongolian dromaeosaurid Achillobator (Achillobator giganticus).

Deadly, Dangerous Dinosaurs – A Trio a Achillobators on the Prowl

Achillobator illustrated.

An illustration of a flock of Achillobator dinosaurs by Zhao Chuang.

Picture Credit: Zhao Chuang

Achillobator giganticus

Fossils found in 1983, were formally described in 1999 and the genus name – Achillobator was erected.  The name translates as “giant Achilles hero”, this five to six-metre-long dinosaur getting its name because the foot bones show evidence of particularly robust Achilles tendons.  Known from fragmentary fossil material, which includes part of the upper jaw, this dinosaur would have been a very formidable predator.  Although Zhao Chuang has chosen not to add feathers in his illustration, he has managed to convey an impression of danger and ferocity in his artwork.  Achillobator would have been an apex predator within its environment and a pack of these hungry super-sized “raptors” would have been a blood curdling sight.

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