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2 02, 2018

A Customised Schleich Psittacosaurus

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Schleich Psittacosaurus Gets a Makeover

At Everything Dinosaur, we are always keen to receive pictures from our customers of their model collections.  Many of the models and figures are displayed in dioramas and prehistoric scenes and it always amazes us when we see these fantastic creations.  We have concluded that there are a lot of very talented people who collect prehistoric animals.  Take for example, Elizabeth, an enthusiastic collector who commissioned Martin Garratt of UMF Models to customise her recently purchased Schleich Psittacosaurus figure.

The New for 2018 Schleich Psittacosaurus Dinosaur Model

Schleich Psittacosaurus (2018).
New for 2018, the Schleich Psittacosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Psittacosaurus

The new for 2018 Schleich Psittacosaurus has a lot going for it.  The pose is quite dynamic and, in addition, the model has plenty of carefully crafted skin texture.  Schleich deserve considerable credit for creating a figure that reflects the latest scientific thinking when it comes to this early member of the Cerapoda.  Martin Garratt was able to repaint this little dinosaur and he has produced a beautiful diorama influenced by the recently published research into Psittacosaurus that indicated that this forest dweller probably had countershading to help to keep it safe.

The Customised Schleich Psittacosaurus Model

Customised Schleich Psittacosaurus.
A stunning Schleich Psittacosaurus dinosaur diorama.

Picture credit: Marilyn (UMF Models) by permission of dinosaur model collector Elizabeth

Psittacosaurus and Countershading

Everything Dinosaur team members have been lucky enough to have viewed up close the remarkable fossil specimen that formed the basis of the research into the colouration of Psittacosaurus.

The study was published in 2016 in the academic journal “Current Biology”.  The authors of the paper, including researchers from the University of Bristol, concluded that this plant-eating dinosaur was light underneath but darker on its back.  This pattern is known as countershading and is a seen in a number of animals today.  To help illustrate the team’s conclusions, talented palaeoartist and model maker Bob Nicholls was asked to create a life-sized model of the creature so that the effectiveness of the camouflage could be tested.

Psittacosaurus Demonstrates Countershading

Psittacosaurus model in the Bristol Botanic Garden.
Psittacosaurus photographed in the Bristol Botanic Garden.

Picture credit: Jakob Vinther

To read our article on the research: Calculating the Colour of Psittacosaurus.

Dioramas and Dinosaur Research Coming Together

It is great to be able to view a customised dinosaur model that has been influenced by actual scientific research.  Ironically, thanks to copious fossil specimens from Asia, the Psittacosaurus genus is perhaps, the most studied of all the dinosaur genera.  Martin’s composition certainly mirrors the very latest thinking with regards to this two-metre-long dinosaur.

The Psittacosaurus Model with Carefully Selected Foliage to Mimic an Early Cretaceous Forest Environment

Schleich Psittacosaurus diorama by Martin Garratt.
The Schleich Psittacosaurus diorama.

Picture credit: Marilyn (UMF Models) by permission of dinosaur model collector Elizabeth

The Skilfully Painted Replica Reflects Scientific Research into Countershading in the Dinosauria

Schleich Psittacosaurus diorama.
The Schleich Psittacosaurus dinosaur diorama.

Picture credit: Marilyn (UMF Models) by permission of dinosaur model collector Elizabeth

Thanking an Everything Dinosaur Customer for their Schleich Psittacosaurus Pictures

Our thanks to Elizabeth for giving us permission to post up Martin Garratt’s work and for allowing us to publish Marilyn’s photographs.  Elizabeth tells us that she has more pictures of this excellent and beautifully composed diorama and we look forward to being able to put these on-line too in the very near future.

The Countershading Concept Demonstrated in a Dinosaur Diorama

Schleich Psittacosaurus dinosaur diorama.
A view of the Schleich Psittacosaurus dinosaur diorama.

Picture credit: Marilyn (UMF Models) by permission of dinosaur model collector Elizabeth

To view the new for 2018 Schleich models as well as the rest of the Schleich range available from Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models.

2 02, 2018

Key Stage 2 Showcase Their Science Skills

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Year 5/6 Showcase Their Science Skills

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 at Carlton Primary School in West Yorkshire were keen to show one of our team members their science displays.  Everything Dinosaur was visiting the well-appointed school to conduct a dinosaur workshop.  After a short meeting with the teachers to identify learning objectives, our fossil expert had the opportunity to admire some of the marvellous displays in the spacious corridors.  Year 6 children had been learning about evolution and the life of Charles Darwin and the scheme of work incorporated dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals to help provide a context for their studies.

Key Stage 2 Scientific Working

Scientific working as part of a dinosaur workshop.
Scientific working demonstrated by Year 6 pupils. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Dinosaur Workshop as Part of a Wider Term Topic

The topic permitted the children to indulge their non-fiction writing skills and the written work was supported by some excellent prehistoric animal illustrations.  Studying Darwinism, natural selection and evolution is a core element in the science curriculum for Upper Key Stage 2 and there was plenty of evidence of working scientifically posted up onto the walls of the corridors. Everything Dinosaur took time to admire the children’s work. The posters and illustration were extremely impressive.

Upper Key Stage 2 Showcase Their Artwork

Dinosaur workshop and dinosaur artwork on display.
Year 6 pupils demonstrate their art skills as part of a themed teaching project. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Three Dimensional Fossils

The Key Stage 2 classes had also created some three-dimensional fossils using various materials, the children had been exploring the properties of materials and considering the use of perspective in their prehistoric animal artwork.  Although the lesson plans were focused on science, the creative teaching team had incorporated a range of cross curricular activities. Our dinosaur workshop was incorporated into the scheme of work to provide more insight and teaching support.

Researching Tyrannosaurus rex

Researching T. rex as part of a dinosaur workshop.
Researching dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus rex. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Researching Tyrannosaurus rex

As part of a challenging and varied scheme of work the schoolchildren were asked to research Tyrannosaurus rex and to consider how this famous Late Cretaceous predator was adapted to its environment.  What were those tiny arms used for?  Could the Upper Key Stage 2 children formulate some theories?

It was great to see how the children in Year 5 and Year 6 at Carlton Primary School had studied dinosaurs as part of a wider scheme of work looking at the work of Charles Darwin and evolution. In addition, the artwork and posters produced brightened up the classroom.

Visit the award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Furthermore, for models and replicas of Tyrannosaurus rex, including feathered figures: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models and Figures.

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