Everything Dinosaur Adds New Paleo-Creatures Figures

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Paleo-Creatures Arthropleura, Mei long and Scelidosaurus

Just arrived, three new additions to the Paleo-Creatures range of replicas.  The new models are a sculpt of the giant Carboniferous arthropod Arthropleura, a model of the little feathered dinosaur from Liaoning Province, north-eastern China, known as the “sleeping dragon” Mei long and a fabulous figure of the early armoured dinosaur from England Scelidosaurus (S. harrisonii).

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur the Paleo-Creatures Arthropleura Figure

Paleo-Creatures Arthropleura replica.
The Paleo-Creatures Arthropleura figure.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Paleo-Creatures

Paleo-Creatures Arthropleura

Arthropleura is believed to have been one of the largest terrestrial invertebrates to have ever existed.  The largest specimens, based on trace fossils (parallel tracks preserved in Carboniferous sediments), indicate animals that were up to 2.6 metres long.  These animals resembled gigantic centipedes, but they are believed to have been omnivores or possibly vegetarian.  They scuttled around the leaf litter in the dense, humid forests of the Carboniferous, fossil specimens have been found in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The Paleo-Creatures Arthropleura comes with its own display base and fact card, the invertebrate replica measures a little over seven centimetres in length, so this figure is in approximately 1:35 scale.

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Paleo-Creatures Mei long

Mei long is a basal member of the troodontid dinosaurs, it roamed the forests of north-eastern China during the Cretaceous, two specimens are known, both are believed to have perished when volcanic ash engulfed the area and both dinosaurs were found in what was thought to have been a sleeping position, hence the name Mei long which translates as “sleeping dragon”.

The Beautiful Mei long Replica by Paleo-Creatures

Paleo-Creatures Mei long.
The Paleo-Creatures Mei long figure.

Picture credit:  Everything Dinosaur/Paleo-Creatures

The specimen that has been declared the type fossil, represents a juvenile, measuring a little over half a metre in length.   It is complete and preserved in three-dimensions, a result of the rapid burial by the hot volcanic ash.  This dinosaur died with its head tucked under its wing and its legs neatly tucked under its body, a sleeping posture that is reminiscent of extant birds.  The similarity in resting postures provides palaeontologists with further evidence to support the theropod dinosaur – Aves link.

Paleo-Creatures Scelidosaurus

The last of the three, new Paleo-Creatures replicas to be added to Everything Dinosaur’s range is the Scelidosaurus figure, a replica of a dinosaur whose fossils are associated with the small coastal village of Charmouth on the Jurassic coast of Dorset.

The Paleo-Creatures Scelidosaurus Figure

Paleo-Creatures Scelidosaurus replica.
Scelidosaurus dinosaur model by Paleo-Creatures. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Paleo-Creatures Scelidosaurus figure comes complete with a beautiful display base.  The Scelidosaurus can be displayed on its bespoke base with its prehistoric plant, or the figure can be displayed independently.

The Paleo-Creatures range features a host of amazing figures, all designed and individually sculpted by Jesús Toledo, a very talented artist based in Spain.  The Paleo-Creatures range includes dinosaurs and some of the more bizarre and astonishing animals that once graced our planet, incredible creatures such as Tullimonstrum and the giant amphibian Koolasuchus.

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