Dinosaurs and Fossils at Egerton Primary School

The children in the Reception class at Egerton Primary School, (Knutsford, Cheshire) were visited by Everything Dinosaur, with “Dinosaur Mike” delivering a dinosaur and fossil workshop to help enthuse the Foundation Stage 2 children as they learn about fossils and life in the past.  The spacious and well-appointed school hall reverberated with the sound of stomping armoured dinosaurs and ammonites catching fish.  During the workshop, our dinosaur expert set the children a special challenge, could they design their very own dinosaur and label parts of the body?

The Reception Class at Egerton Primary School Sent Dinosaur Letters and Drawings

'Reception class letters and dinosaur drawings.

Dinosaur letters and drawings from the Reception class at Egerton Primary School.

Picture Credit: Egerton Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

Taking Up a Dinosaur Drawing Challenge

With the help and support of the enthusiastic teaching team, the children were keen to take up Everything Dinosaur’s challenge and sure enough, we received at our offices, a set of super prehistoric animal drawings and dinosaur themed letters from the children.

Long-necked Dinosaur Drawings from Foundation Stage 2

Long-necked dinosaur drawings from a Reception class.

Super Sauropod drawings from Egerton Primary School (Reception class).

Picture Credit: Egerton Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

As part of our proposed extension activity, we challenged the Reception class to think up suitable names for their very own dinosaur designs.  During the morning visit, our dinosaur expert met a budding, young scientist called Maya and he explained to her and her classmates that there already was a dinosaur called Maiasaura (May-ah-sore-ah).  Maya had a name very similar to a Cretaceous, plant-eating dinosaur.  When back in the office, “Dinosaur Mike” emailed over a Maiasaura fact sheet and scale drawing of Maiasaura to help inspire the children with their own dinosaur designs.

We received some beautiful drawings and some lovely labelled dinosaurs.  Several children wrote a short thank you note to our dinosaur expert.  Wonderful evidence of gaining confidence with writing along with finger spacing of words being demonstrated and some basic grammar shown too!

A Dinosaur Themed Letter Writing Exercise (Egerton Primary School – Reception Class)

Dinosaur themed letter (FS2).

A letter to “Dinosaur Mike” from Reception class children at Egerton Primary School.

Picture Credit: Egerton Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

Letter Writing Exercise

A simple letter writing exercise such as the dinosaur thank you notes, can help children gain confidence and assists in the development of hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.  Our thanks to all the children and the teachers in the Reception class at Egerton Primary, we have posted some of the children’s letters and drawings onto our warehouse wall.

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