Year 1 Pupils Study Dinosaurs at Barford Primary School

Children in Year 1 classes (1G and 1L) at Barford Primary (Ladywood, Birmingham), are spending part of the spring term learning all about dinosaurs, fossils and life in the past.  The enthusiastic teaching team have put together a diverse and challenging scheme of work and they have lots of exciting activities planned for the budding dinosaur experts in Key Stage 1.

Dinosaurs a Roaring Success

The well-maintained school buildings are adorned with amazing artwork, posters and display boards that showcase the children’s talents as well as providing inspiration and celebrating the rich culture and diversity of the local community.

In the small hall, in which Everything Dinosaur conducted their dinosaur themed workshops with the two classes, there stands a pair of prehistoric animal sculptures.  On one side of the hall is a colourful Tyrannosaurus rex and by the opposite wall a Stegosaurus can be seen.

The Beautiful Sculpture of a T. rex at Barford Primary School

Beautiful dinosaur models. A model of T. rex.

The Barford T. rex dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Barford Primary/Everything Dinosaur

For models and replicas of T. rex and other prehistoric animals: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

Inspiring Artwork and Inspirational People

The culture of the local community is celebrated throughout the school with many inspirational figures depicted on the walls of the corridors linking the classrooms, famous figures from history such as Mary Seacole, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.  The Tyrannosaurus rex and the Stegosaurus sculptures are not the only animals in the school, there are several beautiful penguins and even a statue of a large deer, all helping to motivate the children.

The Stegosaurus Sculpture on Display at Barford Primary School

Beautiful model dinosaurs. A colourful Stegosaurus model.

A colourful Stegosaurus model.

Picture credit: Barford Primary/Everything Dinosaur

According to the last Ofsted inspection letter, more than half of the pupils at the school speak English as an additional language.  However, the teaching team with the support of the senior management, have devised effective policies to support these children.

Dinosaurs as a Term Topic

Dinosaurs as a term topic lends itself to all sorts of different learning, we are looking forward to seeing some of the children’s creations inspired by our design a dinosaur extension activity.   At the end of the topic, parents and guardians will be invited in to see some of the pupil’s work.  These events are very popular with the “grown-ups” eager to see what their charges have been up to.  Mary Anning will feature prominently in the term topic and we provided additional teaching resources including a “sea shells tongue twister” for the children to try.   Can they create their own poems about dinosaurs?

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.