Update on Papo Models (New for 2017)

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Update on Papo Models (Prehistoric Animals)

Everything Dinosaur does not yet have permission to post up official pictures of the prehistoric animal models to be introduced by Papo into their “Les Dinosaures” range in 2017.  However, we can confirm that there will be a total of nine new lines added with one model retirement.  We know how keen dinosaur fans and model collectors are to find out about the new for 2017 models, we promise to post up images and further information as soon as we receive permission to do so.

Papo New Models for 2017 (Story so Far)

Papo logo.

The Papo logo.

Picture credit: Papo

New Prehistoric Animal Models for 2017

Here is the list of new models due for release next year. Papo is moving towards providing more colourful prehistoric animal replicas, mirroring a trend seen elsewhere in the figures market.

Papo Product code = 55060 Polacanthus – this model measures a little over seventeen centimetres long and it stands around five centimetres high.
Product code = 55061 Ceratosaurus –  this model is just over twenty-one centimetres long and it is over eight centimetres tall.
Papo Product code = 55068 Crylophosaurus – dimensions for this replica have yet to be confirmed.
Product code = 55062 Acrocanthosaurus – the biggest of the prehistoric animal models for 2017, measuring twenty-eight centimetres long and being approximately fifteen and a half centimetres high.
Papo Product code = 55063 Dimorphodon (terrestrial pose) – dimensions yet to be confirmed.
Product code = 55066 Cave Bear – length thirteen and a half centimetres and around eight and a half centimetres tall.
Papo Product code = 55067 Roaring Smilodon – a bigger model than a lot of people expected, measuring over fifteen centimetres long and being over nine centimetres tall (at the model’s highest point).

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Re-paints of Existing Sculpts within “Les Dinosaures”

Everything Dinosaur has been informed that two of the existing dinosaurs in the portfolio from Papo will be re-painted in 2017.  They are namely:

  1. The non-feathered Velociraptor (the new painted version has been nick-named “blue tail” by Everything Dinosaur team members, as the tail of this Velociraptor model has been painted a vivid blue).
  2. Oviraptor with egg (see picture below).  Staff at Everything Dinosaur have nick-named this dinosaur model “blue neck”.  The new Oviraptor paint job depicts a much more colourful dinosaur, the neck for example, has been painted blue.

Due for a Makeover in 2017

Papo Oviraptor model.

The Papo Oviraptor dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The egg this model dinosaur is carrying has not been altered dramatically, although initial, as yet unconfirmed reports, suggest the egg has been painted a light beige colour.

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Papo 2017 Dinosaur Retirements

The green Velociraptor dinosaur that Papo introduced this year, is being withdrawn (hence the introduction of the new painted version of this replica).  It is the only retirement from the “Les Dinosaures” range that Papo has announced, as far as team members at Everything Dinosaur are aware.

However, with the introduction of a new coloured variant of the Oviraptor replica, we suspect this model’s days are numbered too.

The 2016 Papo Green Velociraptor Dinosaur Model is Being Retired

Papo green Velociraptor model.

The Papo green Velociraptor figure.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Nothing official from Papo as to the future of the Papo Oviraptor has been received.  We shall see how things develop in the next few weeks or so.

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When we have official pictures and availability information on the 2017 models we will post up more news.

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