The Ultimate Tycoon Building Experience

The gaming world might be dominated by some industrial giants, but just as in the Jurassic, when the slow-moving sauropods would have been occasionally startled by much smaller, more agile dinosaurs, the gaming leviathans can find themselves up against faster, sleeker and speedier developers.  Everything Dinosaur’s team members have been informed that an independent studio (Underdog Interactive), are working on a new simulator that intends to deliver the ultimate in tycoon building experiences.  The working title for this new prehistoric animal simulator is “Jurassic Planet”, but a new name is due to be announced shortly.

Prehistoric Animal

Gaming Thrills with Prehistoric Tycoon Simulator

One of the backgrounds for the game.

One of the backgrounds for the game.

Picture credit: Max Wood

The project is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4 platform which boasts stunning graphics and powerful visuals.  Underdog Interactive, have big plans and they intend to make a mark on the game development environment about as big as the Chicxulub impact crater.  Currently the team is focusing on bringing the best possible graphics together with the most up to date fossil discoveries so that a spectacular and accurately depicted menagerie of prehistoric animals can feature.

A Fast-moving Project

Commenting on this fast-moving project, insider Max Wood stated:

“With the versatility of Unreal Engine 4, the team are looking to wow players with realistic graphics and to include game enhancing features such as Co-op missions and even the “dinosaur capture feature” inspired directly by the scene from the second Jurassic Park move – Lost World.”

Other projects such as Prehistoric Kingdom have been largely fan based projects, the difference here is that Jurassic Planet is a game development project and the talented team are working around the clock on making this game a reality.

Spinosaurid Rendering by Underdog Interactive


Spinosaurid ad depicted by Underdog Interactive.

Picture credit: Max Wood

For models and replicas of spinosaurids and other dinosaurs: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animal Models.

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