New Teaching Curriculum in England

The new national curriculum for England will present some exciting opportunities and challenges.  A “rigorous” curriculum is being introduced with Mathematics, English and Science regarded as core subjects with pupils at Key Stage 1 (from five to seven years of age), being introduced to computer algorithms and fractions.  The new curriculum is being rolled out across all state-funded primary and secondary schools.  As with all changes in this field, the aim is to improve educational standards.  Academies will not be required to follow the new curriculum.  State funded schools in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are managed differently but current practices and guidelines are being reviewed in many areas of the United Kingdom.

New Teaching Curriculum

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Why the Changes to the Curriculum?

Falling standards in schools and demands from universities and employers are the reasons cited by the Dept. of Education for the changes.  When results in subjects like science and maths are compared to the results achieved by students in other countries, there is a fear that students in England might be falling behind.

Everything Dinosaur’s team members will continue to assist learning support providers, the company’s highly regarded dinosaur and fossil workshops in schools already build in a lot of the new curriculum’s aims and objectives.

“Working Scientifically”

The concept of “working scientifically” is at the centre of Everything Dinosaur’s teaching work.  Two years ago, Everything Dinosaur team members reported on the biannual study undertaken by researchers at Boston College (United States of America), which covers the results from two internationally important teaching studies, the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) and the trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).  In general terms, the United Kingdom had shown good progress in mathematics but standards seemed to be in decline when it came to studying the sciences.

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We would like to wish all the students starting the new curriculum (and their teachers) every success.