A Video Review of Gryposaurus

“Hook-nosed lizard”, for that is what the genus name of Gryposaurus means, has had a video review created.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur try to research, write and shoot a video for all the new model releases by manufacturers such as Safari Ltd.  With a number of new models for 2013, the team have been kept busy, but we have finished our review of the Wild Safari Dinos Gryposaurus dinosaur model.  We still refer to this Late Cretaceous dinosaur as a hadrosaur, although to avoid confusion with the duck-billed dinosaur genus of Hadrosaurus we know that we should refer to the group of duck-bills that includes Gryposaurus as the Saurolophinae, but we suppose old habits die hard.

Wild Safari Dinos Gryposaurus

In this short (six minute) video review we discuss the replica, its colouration and the details on the figure that show that the design team as Safari Ltd have really studied the known fossil material carefully.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of Gryposaurus

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

It really is a great model and we love the colouration, a sort of dusky blue that works really well.  This dinosaur has also got blue eyes, an eye colour not usually found when it comes to replicas of the Dinosauria.

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