Back to School with Dinosaurs

We are well into August and as we await some decent summer weather, our thoughts are already turning to the autumn term.  Our team members have lots of dinosaur themed workshops and teaching sessions booked up and down the country. The teaching team at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing and revising lesson plans to ensure they encompass the science teaching objectives laid down in the national curriculum.

Everything Dinosaur

To view more details about Everything Dinosaur’s extensive range of educational products including replica fossils and models: Dinosaur Crafts and Educational Items.

In the meantime, stocks of dinosaur themed school items, everything from pencils and erasers to super quality backpacks and rucksacks have been selling well.  Mums and Dads keen to equip their young palaeontologist have been snapping up the Everything Dinosaur back to school range of school kits and stationery quicker than a T. rex tackles his dinner.

School Items in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs for school.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We have an enormous range of dinosaur themed stationery, pens, notepads and lunch boxes all with a dinosaur inspired design available.  We even have a metal water bottle, exactly the same as the ones we take on fossil hunts, which has proved to be a big hit with young dinosaur fans wanting to have an extra-special drinks bottle for school.

Everything Dinosaur’s Back to School Newsletter

Updates about new products, dinosaur finds, even tips on fossil hunting.

Image:  Everything Dinosaur’s Back to School 2012 Newsletter

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s promotional activities we have sent out a newsletter.  It showcases some of the products we have in the “Back to School” range as well as providing updates on dinosaur news stories and tips on fossil hunting.

If you want to receive more information about Everything Dinosaur’s school products, the dinosaur themed items we supply or if you simply want to ask our experts a question about dinosaurs, drop the team an email: Email Everything Dinosaur.