Message Box added for Customers when Placing Orders

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Everything Dinosaur Improves Customer Service Provision

Customers placing orders with Everything Dinosaur, on the company’s website: Everything Dinosaur have the added assurance of being able to send the packer responsible for preparing, packing and despatching the order a personal message.  Everything Dinosaur has just installed an updated order message component to the back office administration area of its website.  As customers proceed through the checkout process, if they want to leave a message, provide some assistance with delivery or just reiterate a preference of an item they have selected in the shopping basket, well now they can do just that without having to email the company.

Everything Dinosaur

The new order message box is located at the final step in the checkout process just before a customer actually places their order with the UK-based dinosaur business.  The message facility strengthens the company’s two-way communication with its customers and provides users with a very convenient way of providing additional information about their order.

The New Order Messaging System is Now in Place

Order comments box.

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Message Box at Everything Dinosaur

The order comments box is the white field at the bottom left of the screen.  It can be used to provide additional information about the order being placed, orders which include Everything Dinosaur toys and dinosaur models.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“Personal service is very important to us, we do all we can to support, help and assist our worldwide customer base, in trials using this new order messaging service we had all kinds of information provided to us by our customers.  Comments included confirmation of the delivery address, instructions as to where to leave any parcels should they be delivered whilst the recipient was out and even some unusual comments such as asking us to close the gate after we had delivered the parcel as the householder did not want the dog to get out.”

The order messaging service is easy to use, customers simply type in their request/information and the packer responsible for sending out the item will respond.  For comments that require a reply or clarification the purchaser can rest assured that a team member from Everything Dinosaur will email a response.

This new addition to the Everything Dinosaur website is part of an ongoing investment programme undertaken by the dinosaur experts, teachers and parents at Everything Dinosaur.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s user-friendly website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.