T. rex Makes Excellent Scarecrow

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Tyrannosaurus rex Rules the Vegetable Patch

After one of the wettest summers on record, many gardeners and growers have seen their vegetable patches decimated by all the pests that the wet weather has encouraged.  However, for one group of enterprising dinosaur enthusiasts hungry birds have been put off their greens thanks to the employment of a Tyrannnosaurus rex model that has turned out to be a highly effective scarecrow.

Tyrannosaurus rex Model

The gardener-friendly T. rex stands nearly three feet tall and once team members at Cheshire-based Everything Dinosaur placed the fearsome predator in their vegetable plot, attacks from pigeons stopped and the staff were able to enjoy growing crops of lettuce as well as peas.

T. rex on Garden Patrol

Dinosaur “scarecrow” defeats pigeons.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The large, plastic dinosaur model, nicknamed “goggle eyes” as his eyes move; was placed in the middle of the vegetable patch in desperation after repeated attacks from pigeons had wiped out all the lettuce seedlings that team members had planted.  The pigeons seem to have taken an instant dislike to the dinosaur and have kept away ever since.

A spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We thought it was worth giving T. rex a try as everything else had failed.  If palaeontologists are correct, then birds and Tyrannosaurus rex are related but pigeons certainly aren’t keen to get acquainted.”

Team members move the model dinosaur around the vegetable beds every few days, just to keep the pigeons “on their toes” and this unusual tyrannosaur tactic seems to have worked as staff at the Cheshire based company tuck into lettuces, peas and beetroot with a bumper crop of onions and courgettes likely to follow.

Mike Walley, one of the team members at Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are not really sure why goggle eyes has had such a big effect, it could be his fearsome look with his jaws wide open, or perhaps it is the smell of the plastic model the birds can detect.  As the wind blows so the eyes on our dinosaur wobble and this may frighten the birds away.”

Tyrant Lizard King

For one group of vegetable growers thanks to the intervention of the Tyrant Lizard King it seems that their crop of lettuces will not be going extinct.

Tyrannosaurus rex Makes Effective Bird Scarer

“Goggle Eyes” on patrol.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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