BBC Planet Dinosaur “Ultimate Killers”

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High Definition, Three Dimensional Dinosaur Programme from the BBC

As part of the BBC’s continued research into optimising their programme quality using high definition and 3-D technology, the UK based broadcaster has put together a new dinosaur documentary.  The fifty minute programme uses footage taken from the six-part BBC television series “Planet Dinosaur” that was first shown in the autumn of 2011.

To view the documentary, click the link below:

Link to the “Ultimate Killers” documentary: Ultimate Killers

Technicians at the BBC are using this programme to test how viewers perceive some of the new programme technology on various platforms, to read more about the BBC’s research: Testing television with dinosaurs

So to watch a documentary featuring the likes of Spinosaurus, Abelisaurids and the Allosaurids as well as learning about the latest Tyrannosaur research click the link above to the Ultimate Killers documentary.