BBC Test New Dinosaur Programmes in 3-D

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“Ultimate Killers” Documentary to air in 3-D

Technicians at the BBC are preparing to test a number of 3-D viewing platforms by showing a dinosaur themed documentary entitled “Ultimate Killers”.  This hour long programme has been compiled using footage from the six-part BBC television series “Planet Dinosaur” that aired last autumn.  The broadcast will take place on Sunday the 19th of August with the programme starting at 5.35pm BST.

To view the original trailer for the BBC television series “Planet Dinosaur” check out YouTube.

Planet Dinosaur

The programme being shown on Sunday evening is only going to be available in 3-D so the technicians at the BBC will be testing the “Watch in 2-D” applications on the Freeview and Freesat platforms.  Andy Quested, the Head of BBC’s 3-D and high definition projects is asking for feedback from viewers with regards to the “Watch in 2-D” option.

Dinosaurs – TV Programme Helps Out the BBC

Dinosaurs help out with BBC research.

Picture credit: Ebury Publishing

This documentary will also be available on the BBCiPlayer format.  A number of different encoded versions will be available for download depending on which platform the viewer is on.  Not all the devices used to show the programme will be able to accommodate the 3-D images, but the idea at this stage is to gauge people’s reactions to the different formats and platforms and gather opinions.

Specifically the BBC technicians need to obtain information about the platform used to view the programme, Freeview, via PC or via the iplayer function, as well as the approximate speed of your broadband connection and the make/model of your TV or set top box.

3-D Television Projects

Sources close to Everything Dinosaur have been informed that  the BBC is currently working on a number of 3-D projects including a new, feature length adaptation of the “Walking with Dinosaurs” franchise that is due to be aired in 2013.

Suggest you log onto the BBC Internet Blog for more information.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur worked on a cast of characters for the original BBC television series and advised CGI staff on some of the dinosaurs featured as well as writing a review of the book that accompanied the television programmes.

Who would have though it – dinosaurs such as  Mapusaurus, Allosaurus, Daspletosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus helping the BBC with their research into 3-D technology.

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