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 T. rex Gets A Thumbs Up

At Everything Dinosaur, we make a habit of reading all the correspondence we receive from customers.  We get lots of letters, emails, feedback forms, drawings of dinosaurs and such like.  Each day, we divide up what we receive and then each member is tasked with sorting them out and replying in person to all those that require a response.

Customer Review

The Everything Dinosaur website, has a product review section associated with each item in our shop.  This allows customers who have purchased that item to leave a comment or a review.  On May 4th of this year we published our 600th customer review, on July 8th number 700 went up on line.  We get lots of comments and we are grateful for everyone of the helpful suggestions, new product ideas, testimonials about our service that we receive.

Last night, a customer called Daniel sent us a review on the Bullyland Museum Line Tyrannosaurus rex scale model.  We have many thousands of customers, but Daniel, perceives what we sell a little differently, if you read the review reproduced below you can perhaps begin to understand how this particular customer assesses our work and the dinosaur models that we sell.

Daniel’s Review (review number 740 on the Everything Dinosaur website)

Reviewer’s Name: Dan, Dan, the dino fan

Summary of Review: A very nice, active looking model

The Review:

“I bought this very nice (nice? it’s a T. Rex!  it’s not supposed to be nice.) dinosaur for two reasons, first because it was one of the larger models available, and secondly because it had the approval of a natural history museum.  I might have prefered the one endorsed by the natural history museum in London, which I have visited and had a very pleasant experience there, but it was just a bit small for my taste, I wanted something large, and in that respect this monster fit the bill very well.  I’d like to point out here that I’m totally blind, and so in my descriptions I must talk more of shapes and textures than colours.  This is a sterdy, chunky model, with superb tactile detail of scales and muscles and joints and so on.

Commenting on the Dinosaur Model

The customer continued:

 I can identify easily such small features as eyes and nose on the head, and claws and joints in the arms and legs.  There are also different textures of scales on the legs, back, belly, neck and head of the animal, making it a joy just to feel.  According to my girlfriend Laura, who described it for me, the colours are excelent and it looks very lifelike.  She also says he looks cute, I’m not sure if this is a plus or a minus, nevertheless it’s really impressive both in look and feel.  I do have three little disappointments, first and foremost I was a little disappointed by the pose of the animal.  It is standing with straight legs, its body parallel to the ground, the head is raised up and cocked slightly to the right, the tail is mostly level with it’s back, curving slightly upwards at the final quarter, with the very tip pointing downwards, and the whole final quarter angled slightly left.

Prehistoric Animal Posture

The reviewer commented on the pose of the figure:

I would have preferred a more upright pose so that the creatures height could be better appreciated.  However, perhaps this is a more accurate and lifelike pose than the classic head up, tail down pose we’re so accustomed to.  I have to admit it does look more active, as though he is perhaps running or lunging at something, So I’m not really complaining.  Second, I thought the claws on the feet looked a bit thick and chunky compared to the rest of the feet, I’m not sure if this is yet another case of this being more accurate, or if the manufacturers were simply concerned to make them durable and not prone to breaking off during rough play.  Thirdly the mouth, although it is open, the tip of the tongue sort of blends into the bottom of the mouth, and the teeth seem very rounded off, short and stubby, perhaps this is another bit of licence to make the model more durable or maybe safe, but it does detract for me from the feel of what is otherwise a superbly detailed model.

In conclusion:

All this being said, I’m not really dissatisfied, this is an excellent model and I know it would be a great toy also.  A word on the service from Everything dinosaur, one word, FANTASTIC!  Don’t get it anywhere else, no honestly don’t, these people are really dedicated, are true experts and deserve your custom.”

Everything Dinosaur

Thank you Dan for taking the time to give us your feedback about this dinosaur replica.  We pass on the comments and feedback that we receive to our manufacturer chums, helping them to produce items that reflect the views and opinions of customers.  We appreciate all the comments, suggestions and feedback that we receive.

The Dinosaur Model that Dan Reviewed

Dan reviewed the Bullyland Museum Line T. rex.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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