A Review of Deposits Magazine (New Issue 31)

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Deposits Magazine Reviewed

Chance to review the latest issue of Deposits magazine (issue 31), our copy has been in the office for a few weeks, all the team members have been through it but now we have time to write a proper review at this popular magazine aimed at fossil hunters and geologists.

Once again this edition of the quarterly magazine features a wide range of topics, everything from trilobites from Portugal to straight-tusked elephants from northern Greece.  It is the elephant that features on the front cover, it is a spectacular life-size model, at first glance it looks like the animal is alive, but inside there is a highly informative article all about the Siatista Historical Palaeontological Collection and its collection of important elephant fossils.

Deposits Magazine

Elephas antiquus (Straight-tusked Elephant) at the Museum

Superb model made for new Greek Museum.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dr Neale Monks contributes with an intriguing look at the mass extinction events that have been recorded in the geological record.  The article also provides information on those types of organisms that have survived extinction events, ferns, lungfish and the chelonians for example.

One of the regular features in the magazine is the news snippets section.  This provides a brief synopsis of stories that have appeared in the media over the last three months or so.  There is also a handy glossary of terms which provides a useful reference.  Dr David Penney and Dr David Green have written a fascinating piece about the sub-fossils in copal.  This is illustrated by some amazing photographs showing some of the creatures that have been trapped in this precursor of amber.

There is even a feature on the geology of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, the first part of what promises to be  very detailed tour of the geology of this part of the world.  The dromaeosaur Utahaptor is given a make-over, fossil collectors finds are displayed, the geo-diversity of Jamaica is explored and there is an informative review of the book which provides a guide to the geology of Dorset – so much in the news recently due to the number of landslides that have occurred in that part of the south coast.

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