Seventh Anniversary of the Founding of Everything Dinosaur

Today, we have been reliably informed, is the seventh anniversary of the founding of our company – Everything Dinosaur.  On August 1st 2005 the company officially came into being.  The story goes that we were quite happy doing what parents, teachers and dinosaur enthusiasts do when our accountants informed us that for auditing reasons we really ought to have a sort of start date – so August 1st become our official birthday.  Just an excuse to bring some strawberries into the office to eat perhaps (not allowed biscuits any more), but nonetheless this is the date that has stuck and I suppose today we are celebrating our seventh birthday.

Everything Dinosaur

YouTube is also seven years old, so our efforts in the business world have to be taken into perspective.  We may not be an established household name but to our thousands and thousands of customers around the world that we have met, talked to, corresponded with, swapped stories, helped, solved problems for, advised and occasionally sold dinosaur merchandise to we hope in some small way that we have made a difference.

We seem to have made a lot of people happy if our customer correspondence is anything to go by, we just try our best, especially with the Everything Dinosaur Blog.

Happy Birthday Everything Dinosaur

Happy 7th birthday to Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Amongst the celebratory confetti we have placed a number of Everything Dinosaur logos.  How many can you count?

Traditional Gifts for an Anniversary

Looking at the traditional gifts for a seventh anniversary, it looks like wool or copper are the order of the day.  Or for those with more modern tastes a desk set is supposed to fit the bill when a seventh anniversary is celebrated.  One thing is for sure, we will be busy at our desks working away providing mums with summer holiday suggestions for dinosaur activities, answering emailed questions about dinosaurs, commenting on drawings and images about prehistoric animals that we have been sent, happy to replace lost dinosaur models, advising model collectors and so forth.  We have some exciting plans in place for the next twelve months – seems like it is going to be a busy year ahead.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.