Review of Prehistoric Times (Autumn Edition)

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Review of Prehistoric Times (Issue 95)

Our copy of Prehistoric Times has just arrived and I have managed to get a quick look before it gets hogged by all the other team members.  Another bumper edition with lots and lots of dinosaur and model making information from the number one magazine for the dinosaur fan and dinosaur model collector.

The first thing to stay about issue 95, the autumn edition, or as our across the Atlantic friends like to say, the fall edition, is the superb artwork on the front cover.

Front Cover Artwork on Prehistoric Times (Issue 95)

Artwork credit: Daren Horley

The front cover features a magnificent picture of that Late Cretaceous bone-headed dinosaur – Dracorex.  It was drawn by Daren Horley, the artist behind the artwork on the “Walking with Dinosaurs” television series and “Primeval”.


A Dracorex featured in series two of Primeval (Impossible Pictures).  In this particular episode time anomolies collide and a English knight from the Middle Ages mistakes a Dracorex for a dragon and evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter and his team have to break up the ensuing fight and return both parties to their respective time periods.  This issue of Prehistoric Times includes an interview with Daren and displays some of his amazing digital artwork, including some of the animals seen on the television programmes.

There is a special article on Iguanodon and it is great to see one of our many artist chums Richard Bizley, having his artwork displayed (look for it on page 14).  There is lots and lots of artwork to view and as always a summary of the latest dinosaur finds and discoveries.

Best of all, Phil Hore has written a highly informative and entertaining feature on the trilobites, those wonderous arthropods that sadly became extinct at the end of the Permian period.  Lots of really great pictures and information on these amazing creatures from the fossil record.  I look forward to being able to read this article tonight when I finish work.

Another great edition of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur fans and model collectors.

Visit Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times.