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Updating the Everything Dinosaur Facebook Page

We at Everything Dinosaur have been reliably informed that something like 500 million people have a Facebook account, that by our calculations is approximately one person in every fourteen on the planet.  That is a lot of people and as a result we have started to develop our own Facebook presence, providing hints, tips, dinosaur themed recipes, party ideas and such like.  Yes, good news for fans of dinosaur models, they can catch up with Everything Dinosaur on Facebook!

Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

We have a long way to go and much more work to do, but our intention is to integrate all our social media sites including this web log (now at very nearly 1,200 articles), into one linked on-line presence.  So far so good, just put up some of our cake and dinosaur biscuit pictures on our Everything Dinosaur Facebook page.

Why not look up Everything Dinosaur on Facebook to see more pictures, information and stories about prehistoric animals.  Simply click on the Facebook link below to find Everything Dinosaur on Facebook.

Everything Dinosaur on Facebook

Everything Dinosaur on Facebook.

Visit Everything Dinosaur on Facebook to catch up with all the dinosaur and prehistoric animal model news. Please give our Facebook page a “Like”.

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