Manchester Science Festival Back with a Bang

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Manchester Science Festival October 23rd to 31st

Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity, the fourth annual Manchester Science Festival is fast approaching and this year’s event promises to be bigger than ever.  Those hard working organisers of the festival have over 200 science based events taking place in and around the Manchester area (England) over the nine days of the festival – a huge variety of activities from making frozen nitrogen ice cream, discovering the plight of the humble honey bee, and learning about maths through the medium of stand up comedy.

Manchester Science Festival

There will be something for everyone – from kids to adults, science buffs to the uninitiated.  Many events are interactive such as crafty work shops, but there will also be heated debates, music, stand-up, stories and science busking.  A number of the events are free and those with a charge are pretty reasonably priced.

Festival Director Natalie Ireland commented:

“Well what a line up we have this year!  It’s going to be an amazing Festival – personally I can’t wait to see the Super K Sonic Boooum – but we have such a breadth of events that I’m sure the whole of the north will find something to get excited about and get involved in.”

The list of events is very long but some of the highlights include, Super K Sonic Boooum, the Universe explained in a massive installation which gives you chance to ride in a dinghy over 50,000 tonnes of extremely pure water with scientists from Japan.  Also there is the chance to learn about real crime forensic work, take part in the making of your very own regional television programme and to learn all about the use of science in the kitchen.

If you are a dog owner, try to make the “Pedigree Chums” presentations, as they lift the lid on over 200 years of selective dog breeding and explore the relationship between dogs and humans.  One of the things we are most looking forward to is Manchester Museum’s Andrew Gray, the Museum’s Curator of Herpetology giving two hands-on talks about the diversity and current plight of reptiles and amphibians in the world today.  Your chance to get to grips with some of our scaly friends and to hear about the extinction threat facing half the species of amphibians known.

You can even get the chance to see how you would cope as a super-human or test your psychic abilities, there is so much packed into the festival this year, it sounds like it is going to be the best ever.

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