Something Fishy This Way Comes

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Ray Troll’s New Book – Top Quality Contemporary Art

Alaskan based artist Ray Troll has a new book out.  It features some of his amazing T-shirt illustrations that Ray has created over the years.  We got to hear about Ray and his unique art work through the “palaeontology grapevine”.  Ray, not only creates art based around living creatures today, but he has produced some stunning and unique interpretations of animals in the fossil record.  The book is entitled “Something Fishy This Way Comes”.  The book is published by Sasquatch Books of Seattle (Washington State).

Ray Troll’s Art

The book is a collection of Ray’s T-shirt art over the last three decades.  It features a wide range of subjects, some of them rarities.  They are all created by a highly talented and individual artist with a love of all things fish and fossil.  The book has 128 pages and is produced in full colour so readers and fully appreciate the intricate details of Ray’s creations.

To help promote the book, Ray is leaving his beloved fishing grounds to go on a short book signing tour of the west coast.  We wish him well with his endeavours.  Long may Ray continue to produce stunning works of art depicting the rich and diverse life that exists or has existed on our planet.

For models and replicas of prehistoric fish and other extinct creatures: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.