A New Dinosaur Scene Play mat

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Dinosaur Scene Play mat with Two Dinosaur Models

We have had several requests from parents and guardians to suggest a dinosaur themed play mat for young children.  There are a number of products on the market and our dinosaur experts are happy to advise on making your very own dinosaur land, it is fun and quite easy to do, especially when you realise that in the Late Cretaceous for example, much of the fauna and flora we see around us today (birds, flowers, trees) had already evolved.

However, if you are looking for a cheap, robust dinosaur play mat, we suggest you check out this particular dinosaur scene play mat from our product range:

Dinosaur Scene Play mat

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Scene

This is a great play mat for dinosaur adventures, it comes with two dinosaur models and measures nearly 45cm long by 32 cm wide.  The play mat can be wiped clean so we have also had a number of our customers use this item to sit a dinosaur birthday cake upon it.  In this way, once the dinosaur party is over the host can have the play mat as an extra, special present.

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We even have had some of our customers use this play mat as a place mat, which is fine by us.  It certainly is very bright and colourful and very well made.  The parents who trialled this product for us, also liked that it could be rolled up and put away when not being played with.

Guaranteed to help prevent dinosaur models from ending up all over the floor and a great aid to help stimulate creative, imaginative play.