Another Request for Placerias from an Enthusiastic Collector

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Placerias – Popular with Walking with Dinosaur Fans

Model collectors request Placerias.

Although it is over ten years since the ground breaking “Walking with Dinosaurs” documentary series first aired on television, we still receive lots of requests for models of the prehistoric animals featured in the six programmes.  This is because the series is frequently repeated but also we think it is a testament to the quality of the programmes made.

We get requests for models of Postosuchus and Scutosaurus, although Scutosaurus did not appear in the original “Walking with Dinosaurs”, it appeared in the later “Walking with Monsters”, that dealt with evolution up until the beginning of the Mesozoic.  It seems that the most frequently requested model is that of a Placerias – fortunately, our experts are on hand to help out.

We have a wonderful model of this therapsid, it looks very similar to the animals seen in the television series and its size helps it to fit in with other scale models of Triassic prehistoric animals.

Everything Dinosaur’s Placerias Model

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our model of this one tonne “tusker” has been used in various museum and school displays, best of all as it is part of our range of prehistoric animal models it is extremely cheap!

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Our team of specialist are always on hand to advise and make suggestions, all part of our mission statement to try to make dinosaur fans happy.