Sneak Preview of New Carnegie Dinosaur Model

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Revealing the new Carnegie Collection Dinosaur Model for 2011

Everything Dinosaur’s close working relationship with Safari Limited gives our dinosaur experts privileged access to the company’s latest models and new introductions.  There is just one new model planned for launch in 2011 into the Carnegie Collectibles range, it is a model of the European, long-necked stegosaur Miragaia.

The New Carnegie Miragaia Dinosaur Model

Picture credit: Safari/Everything Dinosaur


This strange Jurassic stegosaur is known from Upper Jurassic strata of Portugal.  It has the longest neck of any known stegosaur.  The holotype specimen includes most of the front section of the animal, including an incredible fifteen neck vertebrae (cervical vertebrae).  It is likely that this dinosaur that roamed what was to become Portugal 150 million years ago had at least seventeen neck bones (that is ten more than us and two more than a Diplodocus).  In fact, this stegosaur had more bones in its neck than most of the so called long-necked sauropods.

Scientifically Described in 2009

Formally described in 2009, scientists remain uncertain as to why Miragaia had such a long neck, it is likely however, that it was an adaptation to permit this dinosaur to feed on understorey vegetation, rather than low browsing.  The evolution of longer necks is observed in genera of antelopes today with several types of antelope having a long neck to permit them to reach up and feed on branches not accessible to shorter-necked types of antelope.

This 1:30 scale model measures just under 24 centimetres in length and we look forward to adding it to our Carnegie Collectibles range when it comes out in the late Spring of 2011.

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