Everything Dinosaur on Youtube

The procurement of a video camera has enabled team members at Everything Dinosaur to put together their own videos, reviewing and commenting on some of the items we stock in our web shop.  The first video, on Youtube, is a review of the Safari Ltd Wild Dinos Apatosaurus, a new interpretation of this long necked dinosaur.

Everything Dinosaur on YouTube

In this five minute video, we explain a little about the fossil evidence that influenced the model’s design and comment on features of this replica of a long-necked dinosaur.

The Review by Everything Dinosaur of the Safari Ltd Wild Safari Dinos Apatosaurus Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Apatosaurus model has proved popular with dinosaur fans and model collectors.  To view replicas of sauropods and other prehistoric animals from the Mesozoic, and of course dinosaur figures: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

We intend to put up some more videos, each one featuring a specific model or range from the award-winning Everything Dinosaur on-line shop.  How many we put up depends on our acting skills (terrible) and how often we can access the boardroom.  There are certainly a lot of Wild Safari Dinos that we could make video reviews of, hope you like our video review of the Wild Safari Dinos Apatosaurus dinosaur model.