School Pupil Writes Thank you Letter to Everything Dinosaur on Behalf of Her Class

After another visit to a primary school to teach about dinosaurs and fossils, this time one in Lancashire, our dinosaur expert was asked by the school teacher for a small favour.

Would it be all right with you,  if the children composed a thank you letter?

Fine by us, in fact we actively encourage creative writing in schools and we get asked for lots of ideas and advice when it comes to motivating young people at Key Stage 1 with creative writing tasks.

The teacher concerned (Miss O’ Hara), supported by her teaching assistant (TA) organised a brief session with the children in which they recalled and recounted some of the things they had done and what they had learned after the dinosaur workshop in school.  Flip chart paper was used by the children to list facts about dinosaurs that they had learned and from these sheets, what was going to be said in the actual letter was determined.  Then it was simply a question of briefing the children in what is expected when it comes to the layout of a letter.  For instance, the correct starting phrase, appropriate use of punctuation, connectives and so on.  I number of children wrote letters, and the teacher selected one to be sent on to the Everything Dinosaur offices.

Everything Dinosaur

It was Becky’s letter that was selected:

Young Becky (aged 6), wrote:

“Dear Everything Dinosaur,

Thank you for visiting our school this week, it was lovely to meet you.  Please, please come back to us as we all had such fun learning about dinosaurs.  We had fun with you and I liked making the fossil casts best.  We all laughed when Miss O’ Hara got to hold he dinosaur dung, we said she should wash her hands before she has her dinner.  I learned a lot and it helped me with my own dinosaur work.



(Class 1)”

Our team members get a lot of similar correspondence, however, we always acknowledge receipt of any such letters and email a reply to the school teacher responsible for the class. Glad we were able to make teaching about dinosaurs so much fun.

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