Large Tyrannosaurus rex Model (Natural History Museum)

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Large T. rex Model (Natural History Museum of London)

Designed by the one of the Museum’s leading researchers, Dr Paul Barrett of the Natural History Museum was instrumental in helping to introduce a range of scale prehistoric animal models including a T. rex model, sales of which help support the Natural History Museum of London.  We have been involved in these particular models since their inception and have waited eagerly for new additions to be added to the range.  We remember looking at the first models as they came out, all of them at the time were presented in card packaging desgined to fold out and provide information on the animal concerned.  Plans were in place to introduce pterosaurs and marine reptiles, but the range has remained largely the same since they were first introduced.

T. rex Model

One of the suppliers/manufacturers of these models went into receivership sometime ago and we have been speaking to the new owner of the rights to the moulds.  There has been talk of new packaging and we have voluntered some information to help with the gathering of dinosaur merchandise data, so it seems fitting that we should now add to our extensive range the only product from this particular stable that we have not stocked before.

The large Tyrannosaurus rex model has just been added to our shop after coming through our product approvals process.  We are very familiar with this particular model of T. rex.  It has been painstakingly modelled, reflecting the latest available data on tyrannosaurs from the fossil record.

Large Tyrannosaurus rex Model

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The model shows T. rex in a typical ferocious pose with jaws wide open.  It measures 42 cm long officially but once the curvature of the tail is considered it is really over 50 cm long.  This particular T. rex model stands 20 cm high and is beautifully painted.  Naturally, our dinosaur experts send out a T. rex fact sheet with everyone supplied.

The model is a great collectors item but also has been designed for robust play, so young dinosaur fans should feel quite at home with it.

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